HEALINGS & TEACHINGS.    Book an hour-long Reiki healing session to help you de-stress, heal from illness or injury, overcome emotional trauma, or support your spiritual growth. Or join a workshop to learn to heal yourself and others.


REIKI TEACHINGS: Level 1 thru Reiki Masters, including Level 1 for children.



- Reiki for Kids. August 1 and 2, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. 

- Level 2 course for adults coming in September.



Feedback from Students:
"I am discovering a world I never knew existed."
- "Amazing!! At first I was skeptical, but the Level 1 Reiki workshop totally changed my perspective... The experience is beyond words."
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Meditation Hour - guided by Pamposh Dhar, at the TERATAII CENTRE:

Tuesday, 4th June, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

To register, please email or SMS/ whatsapp 8218-3950. 



Meditate with Pamposh at Terataii, or at home with her guided videos:





Coming in September: Another meditation session in a green setting! Inspired by the peace and joy of the first "green meditation" in a retreat-like natural setting in May. Stay tuned....

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corporate training
Terataii offers corporate training in:
Stress Management
Change Management

Clients include:

Credit Suisse

DP Dental

UN Women, meditation for Project Inspire finalists 2016

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Play Acting Productions



After a meditation session:

"I felt the room was overwhelmed with positive energy and the feedback I received [from the rest of the team] was excellent." -- Alex Bouchardy

After a meditation workshop:

"We had an insightful 2 hours and not only came away feeling refreshed, Pamposh also created a fantastic sense of camaraderie amonst the team" -- Sangeeta Nambiar

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self development

Unfold your highest self, reach your highest potential through individual sessions or group workshops.


Individual counselling and coaching sessions will help you deal with your most pressing problems and teach you to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Workshops will help you embrace change, find a calm centre within yourself, find inner peace and learn to live a happy life.


CHILDREN. Help your children find calmness and learn to heal themselves and others through Mindfulness and Reiki workshops especially designed for young minds. Read a recent article: Planting Seeds

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About Pamposh


Pamposh Dhar is a corporate trainter; counsellor and coach; Reiki energy healer and teacher; and mindfulness and meditation teacher. She works with young children, teenagers and adults. 

Pamposh has a Masters in Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia and is a Reiki Master certified by the SoulCentre Academy, Singapore. She has counselled adults and children since 1999 and been a Reiki healer since 2000. She has taught meditation and Reiki since 2006.

She conducts corporate training workshops/sessions in change management, mindfulness, communication, and writing skills. During her long career in the corporate world, Pamposh as worked as a trainer, communication specialist and journalist for organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations World Food Programme and the Press Trust of India.

Pamposh founded the Terataii Reiki and Counselling Centre in 2006 in the Philippines. She moved it to Singapore in 2010. The company, Terataii, is now registered in Singapore.

The Centre has grown to offer not only Reiki and counselling services, but also individual coaching, group self-development workshops, meditation courses, and corporate training. In short, it is your centre for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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news & Happenings


AUGUST 1 AND 2, FROM 10 A.M. TO 12 P.M.



Stay tuned to learn about the next "Green Meditation," coming in September. 


Connect with Terataii


Instagram: pamposh_terataii

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